Finished Works

Here are some completed drawings I've made. This ain't all of em, and they ain't that good but have an okay time looking through these. The order of this is from my newest and into oldest.

It ain't gonna save me MV fanart stuff. I like this honestly and I miss drawing with this artstyle.. I think It's cute.

I also animated Jay there for a bit.

Ms paint art once again, I was bored out of my mind and didn't wanna listen to class so I made this, I think my favourite Jay album is Watch Me Fall I don't know man... Also the speedpaint and full ver of this is here

This took like, maybe 3 - 4 hours, I'm not sure which since infinite painter won't show me the actual amount of hours this has taken. Funfact; My classmate was watching me drawing this by the time I finished it.

This is Tim. This uhm. Is bad. It looks bad .. But I literally forced myself to draw here coz originally I was gonna host a DTIYS event, and this was the drawing I'm gonna use but then 2 weeks later, nobody redrew this. Took about 4 - 5 hours, of course I am unsure once again. Deleted this off my Instagram due to embarrassment.

This is a redraw of a drawing, original by @morguesacrosstheboard on Instagram. I don't even care how long this took me.

Jay with glasses, uhm. I don't know why I added the bows, took about 2 hours.

My oc Lola. She doesn't really look like this, this is just how she views herself. She's basically a more insane version of me and is basically a parody of myself fanboying all over Jay.

I don't even know. But it's my two favourite things, once again ..

I actually like this surprisingly, took maybe about 3 hours.

Two of my favourite things clashed together again. This was like the start of me drawing a mix of these two interest of mine

I like this too. I had no glasses the entire time I was drawing this. Took about 2 and a half hours with lotsa pauses.

Uhm it's simple but I like it. I had no glasses too when drawing this and fell asleep halfway through doing this.

My roblox avatar like months ago. I have no memory of drawing this

Did you know I play crk sometimes and that licorice cookie is my favourite character there

Not a drawing, just some odd collage of Gerard Way

Drawing I did for Ray Toro's birthday !! I kinda like this. I'm still shocked that this made huge numbers on Tumblr.

Anotha drawing of mistah Ray toe row. This is actually unfinished but it looks good enough to look finished.

My oc Tim but he has a star guitar instead of some V he has.

Vampire Ray. I don't really like this that much but it's definitely a drawing.
Anghel sa lupa by Stonefree is the whole main inspiration of this dumbass painting. For some reason hearing that song for the first time just made me think of the lead guitarist of MCR.

Kokak. I hate frogs but I still drew this coz, Ray

Another redraw. Original by @skepttor on Instagram.