Some random stuff, it's still drawings but I don't really know which section to put em in. So they're all going here.

Me and my best friend drew the same image of Jay. Her's is beautiful and I can't move on from it. I hate mine's. Guess which one's mine and which one's hers !!
Some stupid ass gifs I made before. I made more but I ain't showing them

I made this when I was
like 12

This too



I hate this

I love this

Uhm. Mcr. With this dumbass artstyle, next drawings you're gonna see just have this simple artstyle. I draw in this style if I'm feeling lazy/burnt out but still wanna draw

Hope chu know which Jay image I drew here. Most of these are just redraws of ... Jimages :joy:

Watch me faaaaaaalllllllllllll. Time and time again I will kill them aaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll. My most favourite album of Jay's ever, this was also my pfp on every social media platform I was in for a solid month

I made some stupid keychain design of that too and I actually like this. I had a hard time drawing the shoes

Ain't even an album but I still love this and I love the cover and this is probably my favourite drawing with this style.

THIS TOO this was actually the first keychain thingy I made. The second one was the watch me fall one

Redraws of some pfps