These are some unfinished stuff or things I'm still working on, there's only a few. Most of these I gave up working on since I am NOT trusting the process.

Jay art for the 13th of January, which is his day. I'm not really liking this but I'm making improvements on it, the background is lookin all okay but Jay himself here looks rushed, and I can't find any proper references so I just drew from imagination.

Notha oc. His name is Juni, my main oc for my very dead youtube channel.

I hate this so much so I never finished it. I tried only using airbrush when drawing this except for the hair.

Tim again, doodle from the start, and coloured it and was planning to clean it more the next day but then just gave up. I think it looks better this way.

Miku !! She was supposed to be wearing a strawberry outfit but gave up coz this ain't really my style and I don't like my art looking too clean and lacking texture. I mean it's cute I guess ..

Teto that I never finished, I couldn't find the full image and only found this screenshot of it. I probably deleted it so that's why I can't find the full image.

I was 12 or 13 at the time of drawing this. It's Gerard.

I was in some resort/private swimming pool when drawing this. I drew instead of swimming coz I was injured at the time and had a cast on, main inspiration of this is one of the pools I saw there.