I was bored I was really bored and wanted to challenge myself again because I don't usually draw like this and I kind of improved doing this stupid artstyle .. and like actually take it seriously and not really exaggerate things like in the last entry.
O-o-o-o-ok *wipes a drop of sweat from forehead* here it goes.......

Haha fuck you I can draw whatever I want even I myself think this is cringe but it's funny .. also I'm real surprised that this only took 2 hours. Also I drew over the original image ahah you can see what the original image is on my spacehey .. that's my profile picture there.
Okay thankyew for looking

27/02/24 - Deranged drawing by a deranged kid

Hey hello so most of the doodles on the art section of this website is currently unavaible so I'm gonna post the most recent BULLSHIT I did in here.

I swear to god there was a reason to why I drew this. I also found it funny and wanted to make a mockery out of this type of artstyle (or just experimenting with a different type of style) .. even though it's not that obvious. Big TW. Scary drawing. Just kidding ..

I'm aware this looks so dumb but honestly I had fun drawing this coz I BARELY draw anything in a clean/polished looking way, so it was quite the challenge. I find this type of artstyle boring though, it's too clean. I prefer my art looking messy.

Also like I posted this on spacehey and people were just being mean and of course I got pissed coz like .. I genuinely spent time doing this shit even if it's a dumbass joke. Also here's the reason why I drew that. I won't even tell you what was the context for this because I forgot.