24/01/24 - Room tour

I was left home alone yesterday, my granma didn't tell me they'd leave and go out to eat and I was kind of pissed about that coz I haven't eaten anything all day, hell maybe even for an entire month now I barely eat. While I was alone I printed out some dumbass stuff to stick to my wall to make my room...less depressing to look at. Here they are;

It's so stupid. It's so dumb. But it's funny to me I guess and those image staring at me can probably help me stop doing stupid stuff to myself if I'm really sad, also don't mind the image quality, I don't have a phone and just used my tablet to take photos .. also my digicam was low bat so I didn't got to take pix using it

Also i kinda don't like how I have a photo of a dead musician on my wall just staring at me...

I have NO CLUE why he's so pink and purple. I think we were running out of ink. This photo of him just blankly staring at the camera is so funny but I am also terrified. This might be the solution to end my self harming habits.