02/03/24 - Experiment

My last entry here isn't really the type of music I actually make .. so here's some recent tune I made that actually sounds like something I'd make— because I did make it.

This is like my first time sampling something and using loops that I didn't make, I sampled Forest of Winter Coffin

If yer wanna listen to it here you go, also lower your volume.
Jimmy's Raging in his Winter Coffin

Uhm. Not really the best but I tried and I kinda like it, and it's my first time anyway. Ok thank you

20/02/24 - Attempts

I did some pathetic attempts at creating like, music, with """percussions""" and such, and also actually making it sound more interesting. All I have is an acoustic guitar, a container with beads in it, and a toy egg full of beads too. Also bandlab. I think you can tell I'm not so musically creative nor rich enough to afford an electric guitar and a drum kit.

Enough the blabbering, here's the first one I made, it's from yesterday; titled June 29th Listen to it here

This was some old lyrics I wrote back then, I don't really remember what's the meaning behind it since I wrote this at like 4:30 am and was extremely tired. I'm thinking this is about me planning to kill myself on the day I was born— but don't take that too seriously.

Second here, I just made this an hour ago, was using old writings again. It's stupid, and the first one I did yesterday sounds more better than this, but that's okay I guess coz I really didn't know what to do here, unlike the first one.